Food and Teenagers

Teenagers today always seem to eat high sugary foods because it tastes good to them according to myassignmenthelp review. In spite of this, they do not know that sugar can affect our bodies in many ways, namely include causing acne, causing tooth decay, causing premature skin aging, developing an addiction, an increase in joint pain, damaging the immune system, and damaging the liver. After reading numerous myassignmenthelp reviews  we can assume that sugar can equally affect our bodies by damaging your kidneys, leading to eye problems and depression, leading to Alzheimer's disease, an increased chance of diabetes, leading to obesity, and damaging your heart. Below you will find evidence supporting my claim. One way sugar can be bad for us is because it causes acne. A study showed 10% of men over 25 still have acne. This is caused by sugar forcing your body to produce extra oils, resulting in dry skin, and bacteria growth in your pores” (Brickell Men’s Products, 2019). As we know, “foods high on the glycemic index cause our bodes to have higher insulin levels, resulting in more inflammation, and cause acne” (Forbes Media, 2017).

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